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ray ban store Finals started the first two games, at home against the San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat. Tony - Parker 8 of 15 shots, including 2 of 4 from three-pointers, shot 3 of 6 free throws, had 21 points and seven assists, but the Spurs still lost 96-98, with a total score was tie it at 1-1 ray ban sunglasses store.

ray ban factory store Parker scored the opener 19 points and eight assists. In the past, when the Heat pick and roll defense wont set traps in the flank, the arc of the Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat screens have also been adjusted. However, different ray ban store opponents and past the Heat, the team's strategy screens flanking the middle of the anti-Parker wants. Spurs maintain total offense with three modes, especially Boris - when Dior present. Once the Heat double-teamed Parker, he will get two points out of the ball, the first battle, the Spurs get inside to take a lot of opportunity, which continued into the first section of the field, Parker scored more than 5 ppm, sent out three assists, Tim - Duncan single retake 11 points ray ban sunglasses store.

ray ban online store With these three assists, Parker career playoff total number rose to 1022 times assists, tying Michael - Michael Jordan, NBA Playoffs rose standings eight total assists (1026 times the audience is, beyond the Jordan exclusive section 8 ). In addition, Parker halftime 12 points, a career playoff scoring total to 3646, surpassing Scottie - Scottie Pippen, rising NBA playoff scoring the first 13. Section II beginning was leading the Spurs ray ban factory store with 11 points, seeing this, quickly adjust the Heat, Parker's high pick and roll for longer blindly attack, but take rotations, even LeBron - James Parker was active marker, the effect is good. This is the case, Parker in the second half of the third quarter, still leave the rest to seize James has played a brief moment. In addition, the wave at the end of this section to enable handsome Parker + Patty - two-guard combination Mills, the Australian defender also share Parker's pressure, and even well-known reporter Dan - McCartney also ray ban sunglasses store gave the latter a new nickname: "Patrick Thrills ray ban glasses store".

ray ban online store Distal battle is heating up. 6 minutes and 43 seconds - Mario Chalmers sudden strong ball, with anti-Parker in the end line, in order to get rid of the French car entanglement, waving small covert investigation elbow, Parker middle of the abdomen, and the pain he suddenly fell to the ground. Affected by this, despite the small check sentenced to foul, but Parker missed two free throws after another. 2 minutes 26 seconds, Parker hand to hit from behind the arc, but this is ray ban online store the last time he finished the score. Entire distal, Parker received only two shots, only 3 points. After the opener, Parker warned his teammates not meet, "because our situation is the same, we know where the opponent can win ...... 2 games ray ban glasses store will be the key game in this round of the series." Talked about opponents, he also said: "They even took the 2nd champion for a reason, you want to win you have to face adversity to come out from any adversity, they have demonstrated over the ray ban online store past few years have this capability." Today, Parker unfortunately true, Then the Spurs can regain home-court advantage, still depends on whether he can crack the defense, can contribute in a crucial moment ray ban glasses store

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